I’ve been toying around with the idea of a Pinterest-related blog for about a year now. My original plan was to simply test the recipes, but as I kept putting off the blog, I kept accumulating more and more pins and not really doing anything with them. It was like a digital version of an episode of Hoarders. Now that I am nearing a collection of 2000 pins, I have decided to start a blog with a corresponding name, 2000 Pins.

The goal of this blog is to simply work my way through my pins to see what works and what doesn’t, testing them. I will make an entry for each pin and I will try to have photos in each entry. I do not have a requirement in which to complete this and, indeed, it is a project with an indefinite time frame because I fully intend to continue pinning. Even if, by some miracle, I finish the first 2000, there will probably be another 1000 or more in their place.

My pins tend to revolve around food, drinks, activities for babies/children, homemaking, crafting, and fitness. I have some other pins in various categories, but the bulk of them are in those.


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