Baked Ziti

This was the Baked Ziti by Budget Bytes. I love Budget Bytes. It’s probably my favorite food blog. I’ve never had one of her recipes fail, which is why I was little disappointed with this one. Do not get me wrong. It was a decent recipe. It just didn’t blow me away like the rest of hers have.

We like lasagna. However, my husband is very picky about lasagna. The only lasagna I think he truly likes is the one from Olive Garden. He doesn’t like lots of sauce and he doesn’t like lots of onions (actually, if onions ceased to exist, he would be very pleased). The problem is that I’ve never found a satisfying recipe. I was really hopeful for this one though and, even better, it used ziti pasta instead of lasagna noodles, which is great for Bear, who is baby led weaned (ziti noodles are easier to pick up, bite, and eat).

My problem with this recipe is twofold. The first is the flavor was weak. Now that I say that though, I wonder if it was the marinara. It is the same marinara I used on the Parmesan Chicken Wraps earlier in the week. I had the very same complaint about those, that they were weak on flavor. I think, just because of that, I will try both recipes again with a different sauce and update on whether that was the problem. The second issue is that it was quite dry. It definitely needed more sauce. Both problems are fixable, I think. It could also use more mushrooms, but I am of the opinion that pretty much everything could use more mushrooms.

I definitely consider this a success, even if it wasn’t perfect. I really think both problems are easily fixed so I will definitely be trying this one again. Bear adored it, by the way. She packed away nearly an entire serving.

As a final note, I have no idea how she was able to cut hers so perfectly. Mine fell apart simply pressing on it.


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