Chicken Parmesan Wraps

Since I still had an entire pack of egg roll wrappers, I decided to make another one of Can You Stay for Dinner’s recipes. This time, it was her Chicken Parmesan Wraps. I’m going to make this short and sweet. These were very good, but there were two things I wasn’t fond of. The first is that the flavor was a little bland. I think some salt would have helped, but I’m honestly just not sure if that was it.

The second is the way they were wrapped. I could not get the triangle shape to work at all. They were difficult to keep closed and they were difficult to flip on the cutting board when I sprayed them with oil and they were difficult to move from the cutting board to the baking pan. After two of them, I gave up with the triangle and switched back to the super easy traditional egg roll wrap from my previous post on her Buffalo Chicken Wraps. I’m very glad I did too because the two triangles were inedible. They were hard and starting to burn where there was no filling and, where there was filling, it was mushy and gooey. The ones traditionally wrapped were fantastic.

One other thing, not the fault of the recipe, was that I baked them spinach side down and laid them on the plate spinach side down. The moisture in the spinach leaves kind of left the wrapper mushy. Had it been flipped, the moisture would have just moved into the chicken, rather than the wrapper. If you decide to make them, make sure the spinach leaves go up.

Overall, these were definitely a success. I will probably make them again and, indeed, I think they would make a great party food or appetizer. I will definitely add salt though and forgo the triangle wrapping. Bear was quite pleased with them as well and ate a whole one all by herself.


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