Cheater Buffalo Chicken Rolls

This is a cheater post. Whenever I make something from Pinterest, but don’t follow the directions, I will very clearly label it a cheater post. I won’t label it as failure, success, or meh either because that’s not fair. So, this is a cheater post.

I made these buffalo chicken rolls from Can You Stay for Dinner. While I like super processed blue cheese dressing, actually eating cheese with mold on it freaks me out. I just can’t do it. So I swapped the bleu cheese with shredded mozzarella. I also used 2oz more shredded chicken and 2oz less buffalo sauce (I also added butter, per the classic Frank’s recipe). I also omitted the veggies. Yes, I cheated. Everywhere. The only thing that remained true to the recipe was the egg roll wrapper itself.

First off, even if I ever make this according to the directions or ever make it again (both of which are unlikely), no way on earth would I ever use that much buffalo sauce. Holy cow. There was too much in this. I absolutely can not fathom how awful this would have been had I used less chicken and more sauce. It also needed way more cheese. I liked the method of preparation and it was easy to make, it just didn’t work well.

Overall, this did not curb my hot wing craving. We did like the flavor of the sauce though (there was just too much of it) so I think we will be using it for real wings in the future.


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