Butterbeer Latte

My first post is in honor of my 2000th pin, the butterbeer latte.

Harry Potter and I go way back. I started reading the Harry Potter books when Harry started going to Hogwarts. I literally grew up with him. If you’ve read even one of the books, you’ve heard of butterbeer. I’m not sure what a butterbeer actually is, but it sounds delicious and they drink it all the time. Supposedly it is similar to butterscotch, but less sweet.

This latte is definitely not a butterbeer. It is tasty, but it does not have any sort of butterscotch flavor. It is your basic vanilla steamer (steamer, not a latte, because it has no espresso, or coffee for that matter) with some caramel and a sprinkle of cinnamon. You can order it at any Starbucks.

Those are the ingredients. Easy peasy and I already had them all on hand. For most recipes, I will actually measure everything out for recipes so you can see the prep work required. I’m not sure what a “mug” is, but I figured it meant your typical coffee mug so I went with that. I’m also not sure what vanilla “essence” is, but I assumed it to mean vanilla extract. It also didn’t specify between light and dark brown sugar. I hate it when recipes do that.

Final product. Like I said, it was tasty. It could have definitely done without the cinnamon. As much as I like cinnamon, in this, it just sort of floated on the top and created this weird layer. I kept having to blow it out of the way before taking a sip, otherwise I would end up with a mouth full of it and that is not good. It was a little cloying and it totally dried my mouth. I needed a full glass of water after finally finishing this. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t great either, which is a pretty big disappointment.


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